Positivity Rules!

Just the one New Year resolution……smile, smile more and smile smile smile.

The Tree House.

Life in itself is one big challenge, testing us daily to see how we fare. The results of which moulds us over time into whom we are and for some who we do not want to become.

It is up to us, as and when to introspect, seeing the errors of our ways if any, to tackle and improve on these traits. It is also up to us how we deal with these daily challenges. Do we react instinctively or take a step back and contemplate? The latter is not so hard to do.

More often than not, reacting instinctively leads to destruction, sending one into a negative state of despair. Almost certainly sending you on a downwards spiral towards a quagmire, which can be a very dark place to be? Once that point of “trying to stay afloat” is reached, be it by another’s hand or words, it is…

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A Smile Within

Re blogging this for Sherilyn. Facial expressions are greatly valued by all deaf people around the globe. I recall vividly as a severely deaf child being totally confused by a sarcastic primary school teacher with her application of amusement when scolding and seriousness when complimenting! Everybody should look at each other’s face when communicating and learn something new. There is a lack of eye contact in communication which is sadly increasing with the excess use of tecommunications. Now there are psychology studies of how people avoid reality by averting eyes away from uncomfortable realities which makes for riveting readings!

The Mindful Soul

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day/night, wherever you may be. My name is Sherilyn. I am currently 20 years old, going on 50. I may be physically young, but I have had more life experience than many people I know. I have garnered much wisdom from all of the trials, and joys, of my life. It seems I was meant to be an old soul from my very beginning.

I was born with a very rare neurological disorder called Moebius Syndrome. It mainly affects the 6th and 7th cranial nerves (though others may be affected also).Therefore, I do not have any facial expression. From birth, my family had a difficult time caring for me, as there was hardly any knowledge of the syndrome at that time. I was diagnosed at 7 months of age, much longer than the weeks or even days that it takes…

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Games Kitties Play

Re blogging here as compensation as to change of circumstances in my later life. I take pleasure by following TheeCatYard activities.


We are starting Week 2 since Anna has arrived and I was tempted enough to compare this meeting with the last one with the kittens.  Not that different, although last time there were actually two integrations going on at the same time, since Davout and Rhea had not met before coming here.

One difference was that the kittens were far more interested in breaking out into the house than Anna has been the last few days.  It isn’t like she is scared, just that she has seen it and is happy enough with her space for the moment.

So lately the mixing goes the other way, with there being a host of kittens waiting at the door if I stay in for very long.

Anna is getting quicker at recovering from the indignity of the medicine.  Getting dinner afterward helps.  She retired to the closet for some relaxation as I…

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Thankful for …the gift of communication

Essential to keep this one in constant circulation around the world to prompt politicians to ensure INCLUSION of deaf communities in budget headings throughout their strategies and policies.

The Pondering Woman

helen kellerI am thankful for one-on-one time with my daughter, Emily, and for the communication we are blessed to enjoy. We have mother-daughter lunch dates on Wednesdays and today I am reminded of the gift of communication. So often kids hit teen years and stop talking to their parents. We have conversations on just about everything you can think of. She feels comfortable asking me anything and I am so thankful for that.

We’ve been through a lot together. My older daughter went off to college a couple years after their father left and it’s been just Emily and I until this year. Now she has brothers, another sister, and a step-dad. It’s a houseful! What I realized anew as we talked today is how thankful I am for our communication. It truly is a gift! I thought today about the hard road traveled just to be able to communicate. It…

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High Fidelity: Cochlear implant users report dramatically better hearing with new Vanderbilt process

Cochlear Implants & Hearing Loss BioTech

From Vanderbilt University Medical Center Posted on March 5 2013 by Nancy Wise 

From left: René H. Gifford, audiologist and assistant professor of hearing and speech sciences, adjusts the external sound processor worn by patient and study subject Ally Sisler-Dinwiddie. Sisler-Dinwiddie says that having her cochlear implant remapped using Vanderbilt’s new process has made a huge difference in her quality of life. (John Russell / Vanderbilt)

Imagine suddenly being able to hear the words and tone of the person across the table from you in a crowded restaurant when once you only heard overwhelming noise. Or speaking on the telephone with confidence because what you hear is now crisp and clear. Longtime cochlear implant users are reporting such dramatic improvements in their hearing, thanks to new image-guided programming methods developed by Vanderbilt University researchers.

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