Do Women Put To Much Emotion Into Their Decisions?

This is the one blog I want to keep and read again and again. One thing I would like to add…….years ago when I was in the midst of qualms and fretting about a decision I was given this wisdom……..’once you have made that decision you keep in mind that it is the decision you opted for and move on. Does not matter whether the decision is right or wrong. Better to move forward rather than dither for evermore’.

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Do Women Put To Much Emotion Into Their Decisions?

Hell NO!!!!!

How many times have you been told, or told someone take the emotion out of it.  Do not make a decision when you are emotional.   I am not sure how this works for men as they typically do not show as many emotions, however I do know that women do not need to take their emotions out when making a decision.  In fact, I plead with the women reading this that they do not take out or separate themselves from their emotions.

First of all let’s look at the word emotional.  What do you think of when you hear that word?   Sad, Worry, Fear.  We have been conditioned that when we hear the word emotional it has a negative association with it, what about the emotions of love, excitement, happiness?

Should we not make decisions when those emotions are…

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