Games Kitties Play

Re blogging here as compensation as to change of circumstances in my later life. I take pleasure by following TheeCatYard activities.


We are starting Week 2 since Anna has arrived and I was tempted enough to compare this meeting with the last one with the kittens.  Not that different, although last time there were actually two integrations going on at the same time, since Davout and Rhea had not met before coming here.

One difference was that the kittens were far more interested in breaking out into the house than Anna has been the last few days.  It isn’t like she is scared, just that she has seen it and is happy enough with her space for the moment.

So lately the mixing goes the other way, with there being a host of kittens waiting at the door if I stay in for very long.

Anna is getting quicker at recovering from the indignity of the medicine.  Getting dinner afterward helps.  She retired to the closet for some relaxation as I…

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